How to report to us an unfiltered spam message (false negative) or a legitimate email misclassified as spam (false positive)

MailCleaner Support
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The MailCleaner development team maintains several real-time filtering databases.
You can help us to improve the anti-spam filtering accuracy by reporting filtering errors.


False negatives

Please send spam messages received in your mailbox to
Specifically, phishing emails should be sent to

Redirect the message using the resend or forward as attachment function of your e-mail software.

Important: Do not forward the contents of the spam message using the copy and paste function. This may prevent the transmission of the long header in the original message which is needed to analyze the spam. Regardless of your e-mail software and of your operating system (PC or Mac), you should only use the Redirect function (or its equivalent) to send your filter adjustment request.

To forward

False positives

You may easily release the message and let it reach your mailbox.At the same time, MailCleaner should learn to be more tolerant towards messages originating from this sender. It is likely that the format of this message or some specific words in its contents triggered an anti-spam measure within MailCleaner. You should request a filter adjustment from the quarantine or the summary report.