MailCleaner Support
Added 10 months ago

There is no global whitelist in MailCleaner. The feature called Whitelist will only prevent the filters in


to stop a message.

To enable whitelist, you need to check

Configuration->AntiSpam->Enable access to whitelists

Once this is done and applied, you can add whitelist at 3 different levels :

  • Server level : these whitelists will be applied to all users belonging to a domain that activated whitelist Those whitelists are in


  • Domain level ; these whitelists will be applied to the users of this domain :

    Configuration->Domains-> domain name ->Filtering

you need to check

Configuration->Domains-> domain name ->Filtering-> Enable whitelists

  • User level : these whitelists will only be applied for this domain. These can be found in the private web interface of the user.