2017.09 JESSIE General improvments

Added by MailCleaner Support about 5 years ago

  • Merging of both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition (future maintenance will be easier)
  • Better spoofing protection
  • MailCleaner “Configurator Wizard” added
  • Apache updated to version 2.4.25 (64bits) and Php to version 5.6.29
  • ‎New Apache configuration with updated Cyphers
  • Exim updated to version 4.88 #2
  • Perl updated to version 5.20.2 (correction of a lot of bugs in Custom modules, MailScanner and SpamAssassin parsing)
  • Security issues have been fixed
  • MailCleaner custom kernel has been replaced by the Debian default kernel (future updates will be easier)
  • Real time filtering switches for .js/.jse , .docm/.dotm , .wsf : in archives or not (activation made only through command line)
  • Update system moved to git
  • Public released code on GitHub
  • New registration page for Enterprise or Community (optionnal)
  • New graphical theme
  • Tooltips for feature descriptions (admin interface)
  • Two new languages: Italian and Dutch (user interface only)