2017.09 JESSIE Third quarter 2017

Added by MailCleaner Support over 5 years ago

  • Configuration / backup network interface (
  • Possibility to change MailCLeaner’s host ID (this feature does not apply to cluster configurations)
  • Automatic update of MailCleaner code (rolling updates)
  • ClamAV and ClamSpam now include cld, cvd and compressed files in their accepted signature db files
  • [bug] Corrected: ClamAV update process does not require ClamAV to be running anynmore. ClamAV will start even if its database is not present or corrupted.
  • [bug] Corrected: if the slave database is not available to update a spam or newsletter status, another try will be performed upon recovery
  • Auto-configuration feature added (Enterprise Edition only): daily auto download and apply of our maintained reference configuration.
  • Possibility to whitelist ClamSpam rules (For such cases, please ask our support team per ticket)
  • [bug] ‎Chunking bug corrected by disabling chunking as advised by Exim team.
  • [ui] TLS warning hidden between internal stage.