2017.09 JESSIE Fourth quarter 2017

Added by MailCleaner Support over 5 years ago

  • ‎[bug] SMTP banner corrected to reflect Community Edition by default
  • [bug, ui] Corrected: choice of a country other than Afghanistan (improper filter on the field)
  • Added MailCleaner to weblate translation site
  • [bug] Fix firewall restart status
  • [translation] Added support for languages: Albanian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Hindi, Norwegian Bokmål (nb_NO), Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Swedish.
  • [ui] Removed warnings about “Purging environment” in Exim
  • [ui] Added script: wizard_switch.sh [-c ] [-b] [-s] — To disable/enable the wizard (per MailCleaner)
  • [bug, db] Possible desynchronization during wizard process has been removed
  • [ui] Warning for unchanged default password for VM