New Major Upgrade - 2014.10

The new version of MailCleaner is out ! We focussed on security, bugfixes and little new features
Added by Julien Groselle about 7 years ago

The new version is already deployed on all the MailCleaner Enterprise.
To verify if your MailCleaner is really up to date, go to Monitoring -> Status :

  • Version : 2014.10
  • Patch level : 2014102101

Here is the Changelog :

#001- (improvement, smtp) - changed LDAP callout behavior to accept on failure
#002- (improvement, filtering) - added X-Auto-Response-Suppress on detected spams
#003- (bugfix, filtering) - fixed potential white space before subject in quarantined messages
#004- (bugfix, admin gui) - increased the Trusted IPs/Network field size
#005- (feature, smtp) - added authenticated users blocking list
#006- (bugfix, smtp) - fixed LDAP quoting
#007- (improvement, os) - improved IPv6 firewalling support
#008- (improvement, smtp) - increased limit in SPF included resolutions
#009- (feature, filtering) - added avoidable hosts list in PreRBls module
#010- (feature, filtering) - added support for optional MessageSniffer module
#011- (feature, gui) - added auto-detection of starttls on LDAP connector
#012- (bugfix, admin gui) - cleaning of some output in logs view
#013- (improvement, admin gui) - changed defaults for DKIM DNS record information to match current recommendations
#014- (improvement, os) - added Squeeze LTS for long support security updates
#015- (upgrade, os) - major upgrade of Apache, MySQL, PHP and SpamAssassin packages
#016- (upgrade, security) - removed usage of SSLv3