New Major Upgrade - 2015.06

upgrade to PATCHWORK
Added by MailCleaner Support almost 6 years ago

  • (bugfix, admin gui) - Each administrator account has now a unique name
  • (bugfix, filtering) - Better detection of messages and attachments in foreign languages (Chinese and Hebrew tested, probably some others concerned)
  • (bugfix, filtering) - Better detection of new Microsoft Office documents (xlsx, docx, dat etc...)
  • (bugfix, maintenance) - Clean spam quarantine beginning by a number in database (spam_num)
  • (improvement, maintenance) - To limit inodes consumption, count files are now purged (one year retention period)
  • (bugfix, translation) - Some German translation were corrected
  • (improvement, filtering) - The EPS attachment type was added and is allowed by default
  • (bugfix, typography) - The word Codabase was corrected: Codebase
  • (bugfix, admin gui) - The content quarantine is now correctly sorted on both date and time
  • (bugfix, admin gui) - Unescaped character prevent message release
  • (bugfix, admin gui) - Invalid character in headers corrupts quarantine message display
  • (bugfix, admin gui) - Single quote in local part of email address prevents a lot of things
  • (improvement, MC team tools) - Big improvements about reporting false-positive to (Delays and future filtering greatly improved). Same thing planned for false-negative reported to