New Major Upgrade - 2015.06 version:2016061501

Added by MailCleaner Support about 7 years ago

  • (feature, filtering) Added black list for system, domain and user.
  • (feature, filtering) Added new anti-spoofing detection.
  • (feature, admin gui) Added partial Tooltip documentation for admin gui.
  • (feature, filtering) Added news RBLs: Invaluement SIP, SIP-INV, SIP24.
  • (feature, translation) Added IT translation for user interface.
  • (feature, translation) Added Dutch translation for user interface.
  • (feature, system) New Watchdog system to intercept known bugs before correction.
  • (bugfix, system) Fixed locales installation to en-us.UTF-8.
  • (bugfix, filtering) Fixed subject encoding issue with newsletters.
  • (bugfix, filtering) Fixed DOCX blocked as executeable.
  • (bugfix, log) Added SQL binary log cleaning.
  • (bugfix, filtering) Fixed score increase when ClamSpam or UriRBLs answer is too big.
  • (bugfix, antivirus) Fixed ClamAV bad parsing for fr locales.
  • (bugfix, system) Moved package system to archive.
  • (bugfix, system) Fixed a specific situation where patch version could regress.
  • (improvment, filtering) Disable
  • (improvment, filtering) Newsletters rules auto update.
  • (improvment, system) Updated DB schema to allow check_db auto repair.
  • (improvment, filtering) Force retain newsletters in quarantine for new Mailcleaner installations.
  • (improvment, system) Added employee keys for support
  • (improvment, system) Removed company global key for support