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Sylvain Viart
Added over 9 years ago

TrustedSources anit-spam module.

Enable all trusted path detection

The "all trusted path detection" is the way MailCleaner detects that a message is all internal and was not issued by an external host. This generally means that the message can be fully trusted and thus will avoid anti-spam checks. This is a good way to ensure that no internal message will ever be blocked by MailCleaner.

On top of that, MailCleaner also has the capacity to detect if a message has been sent through a known and trusted authenticated SMTP server. This may be the case if you have some mobile users which use one of your server to send messages through an authenticated SMTP session. This will also help MailCleaner detect that these are good messages.

You should put IP addresses here, IPv6 also work.

Authenticated SMTP servers search string

The "Authenticated SMTP servers search string" is any string that is present in the header added by the authentication server and which is pretty unique to it. This will help to enforce the check, but is not strictly required.

Use these DNS lists

This are global DNS Trust List. You can enable them at your preference.

All IP addresses whitelist are list containing trusted IP addresses from different sources. (Domains with good SPF) is a MailCleaner special feature, allowing us to register our Customer's Trusted partners, if they have a valid, non-open SPF record.

Check it here:

SPF record for MailCleaner Cloud customers

If you use our cloud plateform as an outgoing relay, you will have to add this entry in your SPF record :

v=spf1 -all