MailCleaner Support
Added almost 7 years ago


The auto-configuration is available only from version 2017.04 (MailCleaner on the new Debian jessie) in Enterprise Edition

The auto configuration applies MailCleaner recommended settings to your servers.

This configuration is directly copied from our demo server. Our reference configuration for MailCleaner.


The feature is available at Configuration > General settings > Auto-configuration.

You can use it in two different ways:

  1. Download and set reference configuration : Import in one-shot the reference configuration and set it on your MailCleaner.
  2. Enable auto-configuration : Enable daily auto-configuration updates. By enabling it, your MailCleaner will receive every day the reference configuration at 00:00. In this way your configuration will be always up to date.


The auto-configuration will manage particulars settings (on Configuration) listed bellow:

  • > SMTP > SMTP checks: Verify sender domain, Force SMTP protocol synchronization, Reject wrong SPF (fail result), Reject wrong SPF (fail result), Check connecting hosts against RBLs, RBL checks timeout, Scan relayed (outgoing) messages for viruses
  • > SMTP > Resources control: SMTP session timeout, Maximum simultaneous connections, Sending retries, Reserved connections for relaying hosts, Refuse untrusted connections if load is higher than, Global maximum message size and Enable per host rate limit (and fields below)
  • > AntiSpam >: All modules will be enabled and set accordingly to our latest recommendations. Especially:

    • TrustedSources: Enable all trusted path detection and Use these DNS lists
    • PreRBLs: Every settings except the Don't check these hosts.
    • UriRBLs: Every settings
    • SpamC: Every settings
  • > Content protection >: Global settings, HTML controls and Message format controls.

In addition to that, the auto-configuration will adapt your configuration to your traffic. For example, if you have more than 100k mails per day, some RBLs (which have a maximum amount of request per day) will be disabled.

Every change concerning the elements cited above will be overwritten by auto-configuration.
If you have custom settings for example RBLs or anything else that match your constraints, we recommend you to check sometimes our demo server and use the Download and set reference configuration and adapt it to your constraints.