How to set up RBLs

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RBLs are Real time Black Lists. That is to say several different entities over the world are doing lists of domains they think are spammers. We selected some of those lists which you can enable at different stages of MailCleaner analyze. Here is what you need to know to use them with the best efficiency in MailCleaner :

RBLS (the stages are given in the analyze order)
- in SMTP level will directly refuse the email => you spare CPU/RAM and Diskspace in case the mail would have been sent to quarantine
- in PreRBL level will send email to quarantine. At this level you can decide how many RBLs need to "hit" to send the mail to quarantine. 1 will make each RBL decisive when 2 may let more spams go trough but also avoids false positives. In the case, you decide to use more than 1 RBLs to hit the spam, please check several.
- in SpamC level will add score for an email, if the email score reaches 5.0, the mail will go to quarantine

If you check a RBL in SMTP stage, please dont check it at another level since it would run the same test, if that test had been successfull in the first place (SMTP level), the mail would not have been accepted.
If you check a RBL in PreRBL,
- if you choosed to use only one RBL hit to be decisive, dont use the same RBL in SpamC for the same reason as above
- if you choosed to use several RBL hits to be decisive, you can reuse the same RBLs in SpamC for a RBL to add score without being decisive by itself.

Please note that the RBLs used in the module Trusted Sources are in fact Whitelists for the AntiSpam section of MailCleaner

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