MailCleaner Support
Added about 4 years ago

NOTE : this option has been changed to 3 000 entries so this workaround only applies if you already have 3 000 items in the lists of one domain.

If you try to use more than 3000 white / black / wnews rules for a domain, you will get this warning :

Warning: Unknown: Input variables exceeded 3000. To increase the limit change max_input_vars in php.ini. in Unknown on line

preventing you to add new entries.
This issue is due to the web interface. When you submit a modification done to the whitelist or to the blacklist, we need to re submit all the items. The interface as it is currently working doesnt let us know which field you may have changed so when you hit the submit button, it will send all the data on the page again. For technical reasons, this cannot be changed easily but the tool we provided to add such lists in bulk can help you there. Please read :