Ticketing Workflow

MailCleaner Support
Added over 9 years ago

About our ticketing process

Language for requesting support

Remember that our support team answers only in English or French.

Account informations

In our ticketing system, you can't change your customer information yet. All the informations (login, password, firstname, lastname) are not accessible to you.

You can create a ticket in the meantime to ask us to modify any erroneous information.
We will release a form to operate such change in the future.

If you have many administrators, you need to have a global email address. You have to give us this generic email or alias, and manage yourself the destination or accesses to it.

Technical delegation

For technical delegation purpose, if your policy forbid to transmit your license credential to your support staff, we can create an account for your technical team (only 1). Please setup an email alias as the account email destination address that will be registered in our ticketing system.
Please create a ticket, to ask for additional MailCleaner Support access. We will study your request if its part of your support level service.

ISP managing MailCleaner for Customers

You can login with your ISP CLIENT_ID and password and create a ticket for your Customer's MailCleaner. You need to specify the valid Customer's MailCleaner public IP in the ticket form.

If your customer need to follow the ticket too, you need to ask him for technical delegation as mentioned above. Your Customer or you, if you hold the account credential, can ask for an account delegation. Please setup an email alias as the account email destination address,

Updating a ticket

If our team answers to you, they will change the ticket status to "Waiting-for-Customer". If you reply to this without changing the status back to "In-progress", our team will not be informed that you are waiting for an answer again ...

Closed ticket

If you left your ticket in the status Waiting-for-Customer, it will be automatically closed after a period of inactivity.

Our support may close the ticket when we estimate that we answered your request. If it happens that we missed something don't hesitate to reopen the ticket and ask for further assistance.

We may request you to open a new ticket if the request is on a different topic.

You can alway repoen a closed or rejected ticket if you need more information.