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Fail2ban KB

IMPORTANT WARNING : Please note that the commands and path may vary depending on your system. In case of problem or doubt please open a ticket we will assist you
Note : The replication of Fail2ban ( ban/unban ) will be effective every 5 minutes

If the command is not found use the complete path to interact with Fail2Ban:



  • List currently banned IPs on a specific server:

    fail2ban-client status <jail>

  • Show all banned IPs by Fail2ban on all server:

    echo 'SELECT * FROM fail2ban_ips WHERE active=true' |mc_mysql -s mc_config -t

  • Unban an IP in MailCleaner: unban -i <ip> -j <jail> --f2b-call


Note : By default all jails are disabled
  • Enable a jail: jail enable -j <jail>

  • Enable all jails: general enable

  • Disable all jails: general disable

  • Change value of findtime, bantime or maxretry jail change -j <jail> --option <option> -v <value>

Permant Blacklist

Blacklist in Fail2ban's integration is a specific jail dynamically created for all jails.

After the specified amount of ban (by default: 3) an ip that would be banned again will be moved to this permant jail (<jail>-bl).

  • Disable blacklist for a specific jail: blacklist disable -j <jail>

  • Disable blacklist for all jails general disable-bl

  • Enable blacklist for all jails general enable-bl -v
    value = Max number of ban before blacklist [default: 3]

  • Manually blacklist an IP blacklist add -j <jail> -i <ip>

  • To unban an IP that is currently blacklisted blacklist remove -j <jail> -i <ip>


If you got specific needs on certain IP that shouldn't be banned at all by a specific jail you can configure it using the following commands

Add an IP to the whitelist whitelist add -j <jail> -i <ip>

Remove a whitelisted IP (This command needs to be ran on all server) whitelist remove -j <jail> -i <ip>

Advanced User

Note : The following section should only be used by user having knowledge of Fail2Ban and is therefore not supported

Create custom jail

In order to create a custom jail in MailCleaner,
you will need to add a specific DB's entry on the master server

echo "INSERT INTO fail2ban_jail (enabled, name, maxretry, findtime, bantime, port, filter, banaction, logpath, max_count) VALUES (<enabled>, '<name>', <maxretry>, <findtime> , <bantime>, '<port>', '<filter>', '<banaction>', '<logpath>', <max_count>);" |mc_mysql -m mc_config

Value Type
enabled TinyINT (0 or 1)
name, filter, banaction, logpath STRING
port STRING (delimiter ',' )
maxretry, findtime, bantime INT
max_count INT (disabled = 0)

Note: For the banaction please add mc-custom to fully integrate your jail in MailCleaner