MailCleaner Support
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Work in progress

MailCleaner Enterprise Edition has a number of Watchdogs which report common errors to MailCleaner Staff. An effort to make these errors more visible for clients as well as for Community Edition users so that they can correct the issues for themselves is in progress.

Below are a list of the current Watchdogs as well as recommendations on the possible resolutions. Note that many of the watchdogs that are not specifically checking a daemon's status operate by monitoring the current day's logs, so corrections will not be noticed until the next day.


This test simply reports whether the version of the host is seen to be Community. As watchdogs have historically only been seen by MailCleaner staff, this will allow us to see if the appliance is not registered. When watchdogs are brought to Community edition, this one should be hidden.

Log in to the web interface of the affected host and use the Configuration->Base System->Registration form to register the host.


Checks whether the Fail2Ban server is running. This feature is in development and currently the watchdog informs us of which hosts are using the experimental feature. In the future it may report when the server is NOT running.


Check to see if the Kaspersky license is expired, if installed. Contact your sales representative if your license has expired.


Searches for MessageSniffer logs without any database information, indicating that it has not been successfully downloaded.

Contact support to let us know that you need the DB to be re-downloaded.


Checks for redundant PrefTDaemon processes

Restart the Preferences daemon to kill any orphaned processes. This can be done from Monitoring->Status (you will need to expand the Status column with "Show more..."), or with the command:

/usr/mailcleaner/etc/init.d/preftdaemon restart

NOTE: The correction of this issue requires an updated version of the init scripts that are not yet merged. Until it is, you will need to kill the old processes then start it again:

pkill PrefTDaemon && /usr/mailcleaner/etc/init.d/preftdaemon restart

Detects the unsuccessful installation of the new Python libraries being used to develop new tools. These libraries are not yet in production, so you should not see this error, or can ignore it for the time being.


Same as detect_PrefTDaemon except for the SpamHandler daemon.

Resolve in the same way except using 'spamhandler' in place of 'preftdaemon'


same as detect_PrefTDaemon except for the statistics daemon.

Resolve in the same way except using 'spamhandler' in place of 'statsdaemon'.


Reports an inability for the summaries to be sent due to an inability to connect to the database. This normally indicates that the Summaries have conflicted with a MailCleaner restart. This will happen if the summaries are sent too soon after the nightly updates at 10:30pm, or if they are still running prior to the updates. Consider changing the daily task timing from Configuration->General Settings->Periodic Tasks.


Reports if the / or /var partitions are over 85% used.

You may choose to clear space, reduce the retention time for quarantined items, or increase the size of your disk.


Same as previous except that it is based on the inode count (available unique files) instead of the actual bytes used.


Checks to make sure that you are using the latest supported version of Exim.

Attempt to upgrade with:

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade mc-exim

Internal keys

Reports missing or excessive internal keys in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys


Reports when there are a greater number of messages in each of the Exim queues than are expected during normal operation. Reasons for queuing vary. Open the queued item list from Monitoring->Status by clicking on the queue count. If the issue is resolved, you can try to flush the queue directly:


Checks if the Slave DB is in sync. If instructed, correct with:



Not yet implemented:

Checks to ensure that TesseractOcr dependencies have been installed. These will be necessary when the TesseractOcr module is added to SpamAssassin. The dependencies require about 250MB, so the upgrade is scheduled to avoid installing them, if there won't be room to spare.

Check do see availabel disk space:

df -h /

If you have at least 400MB, you can install the dependencies manually:

apt-get install tesseract-ocr libopencv-dev libswitch-perl


Checks for TLS issues during the update process. This is likely to be an issue on our end. Contact us if you see this error.