Having quarantine report more frequent than daily

Sylvain Viart
Added over 8 years ago

MailCleaner's policy is to deliver the quarantine report at max daily. In fact we think that is more something like a "software trust".

The spam report should only contains a list of unwanted e-mails, and by defaults there is no important e-mail inside it.

Our goal is to train MailCleaner so that the number of false-positive (email wrongly identified as SPAM) is very low.
If the daily report is not enough for your typical daily email activity, we consider that we need to adjust your configuration.

Don't hesitate to open a ticket or send erroneous identified message to spam@mailcleaner.net or nospam@mailcleaner.net.

See also: How to report a wrong analyze

If you have too many false-positive (good mails quarantined) you, or your customer, have to report them, and we will adjust the MailCleaner rules to match your business specificity, or even individual email account.

If your need is to have a real time SPAM notification, use one of the following approach:

  • Replace quarantine mode by tag mode and create a filter on the mail software
  • In Configuration -> Domains -> [Your domain] -> Preferences, you can set Summary to digest. Your customer will receive a HTML link to direct access his quarantine.

Quarantine frequency or tag mode can be setup at domain level for all user, or at user level for an individual configuration.

To setup individual preference you can add/modify the preference for the user, or let the user to choose himself from the user interface.


  • Management > Users
  • select the concerned domain
  • add the user name if not present, (the list is available with LDAP authenticator connector) + "Edit or add >>" button
  • set User's language and submit
  • In Address Settings, modify the preferences.


login to MailCleaner user's interface

  • Configuration > Address settings