Customizing MailCleaner s web interface and summary reports

MailCleaner Support
Added almost 8 years ago

Modifying the user part is done trough those files :

/usr/mailcleaner/www/user/htdocs/login.php - controller login
/usr/mailcleaner/www/user/htdocs/templates/default/login.tmpl - template formulaire login
/usr/mailcleaner/www/user/htdocs/reset_password.php - controller reset de mot de passe

Modifying the templates used for daily reports :
The templates are stored in

/usr/mailcleaner/templates/summary :

Please copy the default folder to give it the desired name. Do every modification you want to
Once this is done, go to the MailCleaner web interface => Change the templates : Configuration -> Domains -> MonDomain > Templates > in Quarantine summary select your theme.

If you do this modifications to Configuration > Domains > Domains default settings > Templates all new domains on the MailCleaner server will get per default.

Keep in mind, you ll have to update your templates by yourselves and most important that you will have to duplicate all modified files on each nodes of your cluster.