Disabling FuzzyOCR module for Spamassassin

Sylvain Viart
Added almost 10 years ago


FuzzyOCR is a SpamAssassin module which allows text detection inside pictures.


Sometimes FuzzyOCR is behaving badly, and needs to be deactivated during the time for analyzing.

Example of log content /var/mailcleaner/log/mailscanner/spamd.log:

warn: FuzzyOcr: Skipping scanset because of errors, trying next...
error: FuzzyOcr: Error running preprocessor(pamthreshold): pamthreshold -simple -threshold 0.5
warn: FuzzyOcr: Errors in Scanset "ocrad-decolorize"
warn: FuzzyOcr: Return code: 2048, Error: save_execute: failed to exec pamthreshold -simple -threshold 0.5: at /usr/mailcleaner/share/spamassassin/plugins/FuzzyOcr/Misc.pm line 189.


To disable FuzzyOCR in the web interface, go to: Configuration > Anti-spam > SpamC and uncheck the Enable text recognition in images option.
Next go to Monitoring > Status and restart the service Filtering engine.

If the problem is persisting: restart the mailscanner service on the MailCleaner host:

  • Connect to the server with SSH
  • run: /usr/mailcleaner/etc/init.d/mailscanner restart