SPF configuration

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Added about 3 years ago

SPF is a very usefull tool to help fighting versus spams and phishings, we strongly recommand to use this for all domains you administrate and of course to use it inside MailCleaner.
More information on SPF :


You can use SPF at SMTP stage or in SpamC to block messages.

The mails blocked by SPF at SMTP stage via :

Configuration->SMTP-> SMTP From

are rejected before even really entering your MailCleaner server.
This spares CPU power, RAM, hard drive place since the messages will fully be analyzed and may end up in quarantines

If you disable this setting and enable

Configuration->Anti Spam->SpamC-> Enable SPF control

The messages wil get points in SpamC section. default configuration is

score MC_SPF_FAIL 10.0
score MC_SPF_NEUTRAL 0.0
score MC_SPF_NONE 0.0
score MC_SPF_PASS 0.0

Those scores can be changed by following :


Please even if you use SPF at SMTP stage, also enable it in SpamC as it performs more tests there.