Modifying Enterprise MailCleaner Source Code

Sylvain Viart
Added over 9 years ago

MailCleaner Source Code is GPL, and easily available on your MailCleaner Virtual Appliance, for Customer running their own instance, ISP or reseller hosting a cloud service.

However, you must not change any MailCleaner file without our agreement, if you want to keep automatic update functionality, warranty and support level assistance.

Be aware that the automatic update process occurs every 15 minutes. Any custom modifications on your MailCleaner source code could break the update process, letting your product in an undetermined state.

We recommend to not touch any setting on your MailCleaner instance via ssh, unless you has been told to do so by our support team. All modifiable settings of the product can be managed through the Admin Web Interface.

If you break MailCleaner code, your warranty is void and our support time involved in restoring MailCleaner will be charged at the rate of $180 USD per hour.