How to create a ticket with all informations

Sylvain Viart
Added over 9 years ago

Minimizing respond time by providing essential information at ticket creation really improve our efficiency.

What should you provide in the ticket

At ticket creation, some fields are required, they will be enforced by the software by a big red warning disallowing you to submit your request.

If your support request is about filtering or analyzing an email, you must always attach an example of message(s) with full headers and message body, if attachment or viruses are involved. Message body is also required for analyzing spam messages, and diagnose delivery problem.

Having full email headers is very essential for email analysis, don't skip this part it will save a lot of time, for both of us.

Only one problem per ticket

If you have many distinct questions in the same ticket, we may request you to open a new ticket, for a specific topic. Different ticket may be handled by a different person in our support Team.

Don't reopen a ticket to ask a new question, please create a new one.


By default all tickets have a priority set to normal. Premium customers may rise the ticket priority to High or even Urgent. Use this priory wisely to avoid bottleneck in our work-flow.

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