How to configure MailCleaner on our cloud, when you got your login ?

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Added almost 8 years ago

You ll need to do at least these 3 things to make MailCleaner working, secure, and efficient:
Go to : and use credentials you received to log in.
1) In Configuration -> Domains -> YourDomain, Fill General as you wish then go to Delivery and set the destination server to your mail server address.
2) Then click on Next step (or choose Address verification), then click on submit and test the configuration. If you have no catch-all address and a postmaster address exist on your server (see RFC, not strictly mandatory anyway) you should have two green line and all is OK
3) Click two times on Next step or choose Users authentication, then configure an LDAP account if you have one (and if you re to know how to do that) or configure SMTP, IMAP or POP depending on protocol your mail server accept. Think to submit your change, then test the authentication with one of your users. Congratulations, your users can know connect to their web interface by going to: , using their mail credentials as usual.
It's done, you have a working, secure and efficient MailCleaner installed ! You could explore a little bit and fill some fields or customise your domain configuration (reports, etc...).

PS: Don't forget, if you meet a problem, our support is open and we ll be happy to help. Some leads before that if you need:
The Knowledge Base:
The Documentation:
Information about support: How to create a ticket with all informations. Nous rappelons aussi que le support est assuré en Anglais ou en Français au choix. Pour ouvrir un ticket, c'est par ici:

Thank you for choosing MailCleaner.
MailCleaner Support Team