Monitoring MailCleaner with SNMP

Sylvain Viart
Added over 8 years ago

Setting up MailCleaner external monitoring via SNMP.

How MailCleaner is providing monitoring

MailCleaner itself is proposing some limited tools about his health.

This behavior is wanted, as we think that the role of monitoring the MailCleaner service is better handled by your dedicated monitoring toolsuite.

Downloading the MIB

MailCleaner comes in with a dedicated MIB that can be accessed at:

https://[your mailcleaner]/admin/downloads/MAILCLEANER-MIB.txt

This SNMP MIB gives access to daily counts and statistics as long as system status such as spool level, processes status, versions, etc…

Authorize remote connection to SNMP service

Add the remote IP address or range that you want to allow to query SNMP:

  • Configuration > Services > SNMP monitoring
    • Allowed IP/ranges :
  • restart SNMP and Firewall services (on every node)

Test and fetch remote data from each node

OID are local to each node, so you will need to configure your monitoring tool to fetch each node.

SNMP v1 and v2c are supported.

FYI: if you are using Paessler MIB importer for importing the MIB, notes that the importer adds a trailing ".0" to every OID in the file. Removing all of them with a text editor will resolve the case.
FYI2: here is a basic shell script written by the community :