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Added about 3 years ago

Access to MailCleaner Demo (reference configuration)

Some customers report that this is difficult for them to know when a new feature becomes available and if this is appropriate to activate it or not in their situation.

We published a "Demo" MailCleaner with full access to the configuration (read only). This server will be maintained with the "optimal" configuration and filtering settings.

No modification can be made on the demo configuration. No real traffic can be observed, we'll improve this later.

Access to the Demo MailCleaner is possible with the different levels of access rights

(super admin)
username: admin
password: CHEB57

(Manager of domains)
username: manager-domain
password: CHEB57

(Hotline for domains)
username: hotline-domainimap
password: CHEB57

Demo configuration Changelog:

Following our deployment of new rules and new bayesian databases, you should follow this to be sure to gain maximal filtering performance
- In Configuration -> Antispam -> Spamc: Lots of changes. To make it simple: All has been enabled except:

  • Honor DMARC quarantine policy: If you want to auto quarantine message based on DMARC Policy
  • : Only if you subscribed to their RBL (free, on their site, good thing to do)
  • Enable Pyzor control : not needed as Razor is enabled
  • Concerning all RBLs, as usual, be sure to comply to their policy about maximum number of request per day. Don't worry anyway, if you re not, they'll take contact with you (then you'll have to choose between enable and subscribe or disable the list)

- UceProtect 2 & 3 disabled (false positive, removed from this list only with money, not fully automated)
- Configuration -> Domains -> ExempleDomain -> Preferences -> Summary frequency : Daily
- Configuration -> Domains -> ExempleDomain -> Filtering -> Reject unauthorized messages from this domain : Enabled (Anti-spoofing: need SMTP authentication for users as messages not authenticated from your own domain will be rejected)
- Configuration -> AntiSpam -> PreRBLs -> Somes RBLs change (mainly UceProtect 2 & 3)
- Configuration -> AntiSpam -> SpamC -> Use statistical filter : Enabled
- Configuration -> AntiSpam -> SpamC -> Enable text recognition in images : Enabled
- Configuration -> AntiSpam -> SpamC -> Disabled all RBL Checks as all RBLs are used before in a decisive way