Advantages of the MailCleaner solution with Microsoft Office 365

MailCleaner Support
Added almost 6 years ago

Newsletters detection function

MailCleaner has a newsletters detection feature allowing users to choose each newsletter they want to receive. This important function does not currently exist on the Microsoft Office 365 product. It is therefore not possible for users to manage their newsletter subscriptions without the MailCleaner tool.

Reports by email

Email reports are delivered to users with quarantined e-mails. They can choose the frequency of the reports individually. This also helps not to load email boxes and incoming traffic unnecessarily.

Flexibility and filter settings

The Microsoft Office 365 service does not allow users and administrators to accurately manage spam filter settings. No adjustment of the filters is possible in a simple and effective way as in the MailCleaner product.

Support and responsiveness

MailCleaner offers its reseller customers a premium support that guarantees an intervention within 4 hours. Our support can also be useful for troubleshooting or filtering errors. We also take into account the needs of our customers in the future development of our product.

External archiving

In case your client wants external archiving, for legal reasons or backup needs, MailCleaner allows you to automatically link to an archiving system.

Tracing and logs

All traces of incoming messages via the MailCleaner tool are saved. This allows administrators to easily retrieve a message in the case of a user request, for example. This also helps to provide reliable statistics on email traffic externally and independently.

Compliance with Technical Standards for Communications Monitoring

If your clients have legal requirements for monitoring communications, they can do so through MailCleaner and its trace analysis and logging functions.

How to configure MailCleaner with Microsoft O365: