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User interface customization

WARNING: When you customize your MailCleaner interfaces or reports, it's your responsibility to maintain your template. When you have differences between our default template (in which we deploy bug fix, new features etc.) and your new one, you have to merge that manually. For that, you can simply use the diff command available on Debian and seeing the differences.

The web user interface is based on template and thus can be fully customizable.
Please make sure that the MailCleaner © Copyrights mention is still visible in order to meet the license requirements.

Templates for the web user interface are located in the folder:


Current Enterprise template is located in the default subfolder.

The best way to create your own set of templates is to copy all of the files from the default template as symlinks to your new template, then only replace the files you want to customize. This way, all of the other files will automatically update whenever changes to the default theme are made. The directory name you select will be the one that is displayed in the drop-down selection so make sure that it is meaningful (also do not included any spaces or special characters):

cp -Rs /usr/mailcleaner/www/user/htdocs/templates/default /usr/mailcleaner/www/user/htdocs/templates/yourcompanyname

Then, if you would like to just edit the existing files, do a direct copy from default to your template so that this is no longer a symlink and edit that copy. If you want to replace an entire file (eg. images) simply copying your new one over the existing symlink will break the connection.

The files in the default template that are most likely to change over time are those which are necessary for functional changes, primarily the .tmpl files in the root of that template directory.

To activate the change, just modify the "Web user GUI:" field in "Configuration->Domains->(select domain)->Templates" which should now have your new template available. The user login page will use the template of the "Configuration->General settings->Defaults->Default domain".

For the most basic customizations to branding, you will want to replace the files in the 'images' subfolder. Specifically, you will be interested in the following.

Filename            Res       Purpose
login_header.png    530w 75h  Login Prompt image
logo_name.png       75h       Header logo (left)
banner_letters.png  75h       Header image (right)
header_bg.png       75h       Header background, repeated width

Text and element colors are defined in the 'css' subdirectory.