Installation of MailCleaner options or add-ons

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In order to make your MailCleaner options installation easier, we provided an interactive script you can found in your MailCleaner nodes at: /usr/mailcleaner/install/

The install_options script is on Github at:

Supported options

Currently, we support the installation of the following options:

  • ESET
  • Kaspersky
  • SpamHaus
  • MessageSniffer


To install an option, make sure you have the licenses provided by our sales department for the corresponding option. Keep this information confidential and do not share it.

To install an option, simply run the script with the option of your choice, all in lowercase. For example: /usr/mailcleaner/install/ --spamhaus

Here is the license information requested interactively after launching the script:
You will need your ESET MSP username (email address) and password, as well as your 9-character license key. You will be asked to create the former from a ESET email with the subject "Invitation to ESET MSP Administrator". You will receive the latter from your MailCleaner sales representative. For more detailed installation instructions, see here
* Kaspersky:
You need to copy the license file (ended with .key - via scp/ftp for example) into your MailCleaner at /root/ for example. When running the --kaspersky, the script will ask you to paste the path of your key file which should be for example something like /root/my_kaspersky_license.key
* SpamHaus:
A private token (which will allows your MailCleaner's to query the SpamHaus RBLs)
* MessageSniffer:
License ID and Auth code


You need to be using latest patch level and to have registered your appliance. For Community Edition users, the option to allow the reporting of anonymous statistics must be activated, and the necessary ports must be open on your firewall.

RBL Configuration

For RBLs configuration when installed, please refer to:


If you're facing any issues during the installation, please contact us :

Please provide these details when contacting us:

  • The output of the script
  • The log file created into your MailCleaner at /tmp/mc_install_options.log