Inserting black/white lists in bulk

MailCleaner Support
Added over 4 years ago

Our advice on black or whitelists is to use them as little as possible. In our opinion they should be used as exception lists.

If you want to insert black or white lists in bulk, you can use on your master MailCleaner node (in case of cluster) our tool :


If you run this command that way you will be prompted with the help which is :

mailcleaner:~$ /usr/mailcleaner/tools/ 

Please provide a file with the format
sender recipient type
if the recipient should be a whole domain, you need to include the '@' sign on it for example
if the rule is for all domains please use --- as domain name
type can be either
  - white for whtielsits
  - black for blacklists
  - wnews for whitelists dedicated to newsletters

so you need to run it with an argument which is the file containing the rules you want to add to your server(s) :

/usr/mailcleaner/tools/ /path/to/addresses_to_add

(the fields in this file are separated by a space)

File example :

address_to_blakclist@domain.tld my_customer_address@domain.tld black
@domain_towhitelist.tld @customer_domain.tld white
newsletter@domain.tld my_customer@domain.tld wnews