Log mails subjects and/or attachments names

MailCleaner Support
Added almost 4 years ago

By default, MailCleaner doesnt log mails subjects nor the attachment names. This is due to the fact that this could be a law violation in some countries.

You can activate theses logs for the tracing by enabling the features

Configuration-> SMTP-> Include mails subjects in the logs


Configuration-> SMTP-> Include attachement names in the logs

and then restarting the Filtering MTA on all hosts of your cluster.

Once this is done, in our tracing tool, you will find new lines :

Here you can see an attachment named "my_resume.doc"

2020-03-30 10:09:46 1jIpUQ-0001vs-0O Attachment: my_resume.doc

In the stage1 logs, you will be able to find a string looking like :

T="On way back home, buy bread"

which shows the subject of the mail.