CPU dependencies for MailCleaner-MachineLearning Module

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Added over 3 years ago

CPU dependencies for MailCleaner-MachineLearning Module

CPUs have different sets of instructions that can be used to optimize the speed and results of our MachineLearning module.

Get CPU relevant flags set on your MailCleaner server

Those flags can be found running : (on each servers of your cluster)


Relevant instructions sets

  • sse4.1
  • sse4.2
  • ssse3
  • fma
  • cx16
  • popcnt
  • avx
  • avx2

Sample output for a machine supporting avx, cx16, popcnt, sse4.1, sse4.2, ssse3 :

cpu: avx-cx16-popcnt-sse4_1-sse4_2-ssse3

Supported combinations

Instruction sets support
avx-avx2-cx16-fma-popcnt-sse4_1-sse4_2-ssse3 yes
avx-cx16-fma-popcnt-sse4_1-sse4_2-ssse3 yes
avx-cx16-popcnt-sse4_1-sse4_2-ssse3 yes
cx16 yes
cx16-popcnt yes
cx16-popcnt-sse4_1-sse4_2-ssse3 yes
cx16-sse4_1-ssse3 yes
cx16-sse4_2-ssse3 yes
cx16-ssse3 yes
none yes