SMTP issues

MailCleaner Support
Added over 3 years ago

  • SPF prevented a mail to come in : this is most likely a configuration issue on the side of the sending person, Never uncheck SPF functionnality without asking us first, this is very important tool, more informations about SPF :

  • Could not complete sender verify
Incoming MTA stage: 2019-07-09 17:07:46 H=(hostname.domain.tld) [] F=email@sending-domain.tld temporarily rejected RCPT email@receiving-domain.tld: Could not complete sender verify"

MailCleaner attempts to validate the sending email address before accepting the email. We do this by verifying if the sending domain has correctly set his MX field.

You may want to contact the administrator of the sending domain.

The exact test is described here :

Sometimes this is triggered by badly configured MX fields. The MX field of the sender has to point to a "A record" that is to say a hostname and not directly to an IP.