Newsletter issues

MailCleaner Support
Added almost 5 years ago

  • a newsletter was quarantined despite the domain being configured in "Allow Newsletters by default" mode

This user preferences are set to have newsletters filtered. You can see that by going to


select his domain name and enter his name, click on his address. Go to Actions in the dropdown menu and finally choose Open user's interface

You now are in his private web interface. You can see that

Configuration->Address settings->For each message detected as newsletter: -> retain in quarantine

is checked.

Now, why is that ?
When this domain was not in "allow newsletter byu default" mode, the user probably logged in his private web interface. MailCleaner then created his preferences according to those of his domain so this setting was set for "retain in quarantine". When you changed it back at the domain level to allow the newsletter by default, there was no action taken on his preferences.
We cannot know if this setting was changed by the end user or only inherited from the domain preferences so we decided that a change on the domain level should not change the user preferences.