Getting the summary reports more frequently than daily

MailCleaner Support
Added over 3 years ago

MailCleaner sends summaries about the mail caught in spam filters per day, week or month.

If you want to get it more often than daily, this is doable but there are STRONG downsides since the code sending these summaries was not meant to be use that way.

To avoid getting those downsides, we recommand to use the Tag mode of MailCleaner.
For users requiring this frequent report, another way to do it is to set this user in Tag mode. The user will then get all messages (content threats will still be blocked). The spams will be forwarded with the the Tag "{Spam?} in the subject of the mail which allows to do a rule to classify those in a different folder that he can then check whenever he wants.

Let s say you want your user to get the summaries every 2 hours.

1) The users will get the list of mails that were stopped since the beginning of the day. That is to say that a mail stopped at 10:00 will be in the summaries sent at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 and so on.
2) The script to establish the report will parse all the database s entries for the spams caught that day for all users to send the report to. So this uses quite a lot of resources and may be quite long depending on how many email addresses are concerned.

The crontab only need to be on the master server of a cluster. To do your crontab, please use a command like :

/usr/mailcleaner/bin/ 0 0

You can set a mail address like, a whole domain like or '-a' if this would have to be done for all users of all domains.