HTML controls whitelist

MailCleaner Support
Added about 3 years ago

Senders can be whitelisted against the HTML controls checks. This will affect all users of th Mailcleaner cluster where is whitelist is made.

To manage the whitelists for HTML controls use on the master node of your cluster :


To add an address to the whitelist

/usr/mailcleaner/bin/ add user@domain.tld

To add a domain to the whitelist

/usr/mailcleaner/bin/ add domain.tld

To delete an entry from the whitelist

/usr/mailcleaner/bin/ del entry

To see all whitelists for this feature :

/usr/mailcleaner/bin/ show

You ll then need to restart the filtering engine on all hosts via the web interface or with

/usr/mailcleaner/etc/init.d/mailscanner restart

on each host. (This service is long to restart since it checks the antivirus rules integrity)