Modifying the exim configuration files.

MailCleaner Support
Added over 2 years ago

In MailCleaner, there are 3 exim servers.

The first one, called Incoming queue is the one accepting the messages for MailCleaner. The mail is then forward to the 2nd exim.
The 2nd one, called filtering queue is the one submitting the message to most of our anti spam-checks. The mail is then forwarded to the 3rd exim
The 3rd one , called outgoing queue delivers the message to the server of your cutomers/users.

If you use MailCleaner also as an outgoing relay, then the relayed mails only go through the 1st queue.

As nothing comes that easily, those 3 servers are also named exim_stage1, exim_stage2 and exim_stage4...

Some of users are modifying the behavior of those servers, that is to say modify the files :


This provokes a drift between our users configuration files and the one we maintain on GitHub. Therefore we added a mechanism in those template files. For example,




When one restart his/her exim_stage1.

If you want to change one of those file, please contact us so that we update our files to take your modification into account and therefore avoid to loose your modification or break your configuration on our next update involving the same file.

If you use the keyword


in one of those configuration file, MailCleaner will include your modified file.

Let s take an example to make it easier :
In MailCleaner s


file, you can find this line :

__INCLUDE__ stage1/ldap

Finding this line MailCleaner will first check for the file named


If this file DOES NOT exist, MailCleaner will look for


In both case, MailCleaner will generate in the same folder as the template file, a file without the _template extension and will then include it in the exim configuration file.