Newsletter marked with "?Spam" tag

MailCleaner Support
Added over 3 years ago

There is no unique tag for newsletters, so if you don't want the {spam?} tag you need to set newsletters to be desired.

You can check the user's preferences with the command:

select user.username, allow_newsletters from user_pref join user on where allow_newsletters = 0;

After that, if you want to change the preferences concerning newsletters, you can set for all users to be desired with the command:

update user_pref set allow_newsletters = 1;

If you want it only for users of one domain it requires two more complex commands:

update user_pref join email on set allow_newsletters = 1 where email.addres like '%@domain_name';

update user_pref join user on set allow_newsletters = 1 where user.domain = 'domain_name';